Donations in Kind

We often get emails from people who will be visiting the island and want to know what they can pack to help us out. We really appreciate such offers! It shows a real thoughtfulness to consider these things in advance of visiting.

Most things can be purchased cheaply in Cambodia, and more times than not, a donation of money will go much further than a donation of goods shipped at expensive rates from overseas. If you would like to make a monetary donation, find out more here.

However, there are some things that come in handy here from other places. Certain items aren’t easy to source; other items are available, but generally of a very poor quality. If you happen to be heading to Koh Rong, and have a little extra space in your backpack, please consider bringing some of the following items. We would be forever grateful! If you are interested in making a donation of goods and sending it via post, you can find our mailing details here.

We've put together this short list of supplies that REALLY come in handy on the island. 

ben 2.jpg


  • Second-hand laptops/tablets in good working order (with power leads!)
  • Good quality whiteboard markers/ dry-erase markers
  • Good quality pens
  • Flashcards in English
  • Children’s books with simple English


  • Small musical instruments 
  • Paintbrushes for Art classes
  • Puzzles and Games e.g. Connect Four, Scrabble etc
  • Stuffed animals and toys
  • Frisbees, Jump Ropes
  • Books about childhood from around the world
  • Environmental education resources for young children


Two children on Koh Rong suffer from a severe form of Ichythosis, a skin disease. There is no treatment for Ichythosis, however the symptoms can be managed. 

Moisturising creams specifically for sensitive skin e.g. QV Wash, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, Eucerin lotion, Glycerin etc. are incredibly beneficial for these children. Please get in contact if you would like to find out more about specific creams available for Ichythosis in your country of origin.