English Education


English education is at the core of the work that we do. For our beneficiaries, the ability to speak English gives them the opportunity to earn a higher wage, or to run their family business better. Without the ability to speak English, locals of the Koh Rong islands are in danger of standing on the sidelines as the tourism industry grows around them.

We offer English classes to both adults and children, five days a week, completely free of charge. Over 120 students attend lessons each day, ranging from beginners locking down their ABCs to students working on advanced essay writing. 

We value running classrooms that are fun and interactive. The Friends of Koh Rong classroom does not look like your average Cambodian classroom, with straight rows of students reciting their teachers. It doesn't sound like it either! Our kids are encouraged to have a say in the way classes are run, and we aim to make school a place they want to be, rather than a place they feel they have to be. We like to include lots of singing, games and activities alongside the most traditional reading and writing tasks, to help engender a love of learning in our students, and help them on the path to becoming lifelong learners. 

To find out more about the impact the English program has, click here. Our English program works alongside our holistic education program, Reil Change. Click here to find out more. 


Ranee, Friends of Koh Rong student

Ranee, Friends of Koh Rong student

Hello everybody! Koh Rong is changing because we have a lot of people coming from every country. And now for local people on Koh Rong we have a lot of better jobs. We want to study English because we think English language is the best for everybody living on Koh Rong. If you can speak English you can find a good job and have a family.
— Ranee