seafairer scholarships


For the young people of Koh Rong, access to further education is quite limited. Government education is only offered at a Primary level, and the pressure mounts for young people to begin working full time, often in menial jobs. 

Whilst we think we do a pretty good job in regards to education, our capacity is limited. As such, we have partnered with AHHA, an International Non-Government Organisation that has educated over 200,000 students since its foundation, and has around 15,000 students being taught daily in their schools worldwide. 

Friends of Koh Rong works with local families to identify and support students who have proven themselves in our classes, and have the capacity for further learning. Additionally, they and their families must be commited to further education, and be resiliant enough to deal with the pressure of being a young teen far from home. 

Friends of Koh Rong provides SeaFAIRer Scholarships to those who want to make this commitment. Our organisation covers the cost of the AHHA's GDI full-time boarding program, which includes;

  • 1½ year program of holistic education training in employment and life skills
  • Subjects include; English, Maths, Computer Studies, Marketing, Accounting etc.
  • Students actively study to improve self-confidence, discipline, responsibility, team work, problem-solving etc.
  • 95% graduate employment rate
  • Safe, supervised accomodation and meals provided
  • School supplies
  • Transport costs to visit Koh Rong during holidays
  • Some minimal spending money

Once they have graduated, SeaFAIRer Scholarship recipients have the ability to work in education, the NGO sector, private business, or indeed to travel overseas to study further. To us, having these options means a much brighter future than one stuck in menial work. 

“I love studying and want to have a better path and better future. I want to keep learning english and computer skills. I want to come back to the island to help my family and all the children.”
— Sopeak, Seafairer Scholarship Recipient