Seeds fOR Tomorrow


Environmental education is a key part of Friends of Koh Rong. Since the beginning of FoKR, we have run weekly beach cleans with our students, helping them to understand that we all have a part to play in making Koh Rong strong and sustainable. 

The Seeds for Tomorrow program grew out of these beach classes. Large amounts of the waste that we collect up each week comes from foreign shores. Whilst waste management on the island itself is a growing problem, Koh Rong is impacted by the actions of people all around the globe. Click through to read a Guardian article on marine waste in Cambodia. However, for the kids of Koh Rong, this daily influx of waste is their reality. Many of the kids on Koh Rong have barely travelled off the island, and few would have gone outside of Cambodia.

Each week, students are invited to help our staff clean the beach. Afterwards, guest speakers and teachers run fun activites that give the children a broader sense of the world around them. Activites range from repurposing waste into toys, learning schoolyard games from around the world, puppet shows, and much more. 

At present, Koh Rong, like much of Cambodia, lacks the infrastructure to deal with waste in an environmentally friendly way. Change is happening, and private businesses have stepped up to provide boat services to transport waste back to the mainland. Bars and guesthouses are increasingly making more responsible choices - choosing not to serve straws, and offering cheap or free water refills to guests. Friends of Koh Rong seeks to aide these moves by providing education to travellers, awareness campaign materials, and giving a hand to those who need advice on how to make their business more sustainable. 

The children of Koh Rong are the ones who will inherit the mess left behind. We're trying to make that burden a little bit lighter. 

FoKR students taking part in our weekly Saturday morning beach cleans.

FoKR students taking part in our weekly Saturday morning beach cleans.




Seeds For Tomorrow

From little things, big things grow.