Strong Rong Community Program


Friends of Koh Rong is a community based organisation. As such, we work closely at the community level to ensure that local voices are heard, and local needs are met. 

We meet regularly with stakeholders in the community to guide our work. From the Village Chief to those on the margins of society, our team on the ground works hard to ensure that local voices are at the forefront of our decision making processes.

Due to the rapid construction taking place on the island, Koh Rong hosts a large number of itinerant labour workers, who often bring children with them. These kids often end up disengaged from schooling, and work on building sites, cleaning and cooking for crews. 

Our Community Outreach Team works to engage these children, by helping families register with the local Cambodian government school, and inviting students to take part in the our education program. 

Although the influx of tourism has meant an improved standard of living for many on the island, there are still many families living in abject poverty. FoKR helps these families get through the hardest of times with donations of food, clothing and medicine.

Our Community Outreach Team also deals with cases of suspected child abuse or assult, seen all too commonly. FoKR is a small organisation with limited capacity; in these instances, we work alongside more establish organisations such as M'lop Tapang, APEL, and the Cambodian Police Force to help secure safer outcomes for the children of Koh Rong. We also help facilitate education workshops on a range of issues facing the community, from sexual health through to dental care and hygiene. 

And finally, Community Outreach isn't all seriousness - we also help build a Strong Rong Community by facilitating and funding community gatherings and celebrations, on events such as Khmer New Year, International Womens Day, and Pchum Ben.

Out team sure are kept busy! To help support their work, donate today. Every dollar helps to create a Strong Koh Rong.

Local residents of Koh Tui village celebrate with a shared meal at the Friends of Koh Rong house. 

Local residents of Koh Tui village celebrate with a shared meal at the Friends of Koh Rong house.