Volunteer Off Island

The work that our staff do on Koh Rong can only happen with the assistance of our volunteers around the world. Friends of Koh Rong is fortunate to have a strong team of amazing people who help support our work from all corners of the globe. We welcome you to join us! 

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Each of our Teachers at Friends of Koh Rong is paired up with a Teaching Mentor, who checks in with the Teacher on a weekly basis via Skype or phone, and helps them plan their lessons for the forthcoming week.

Teaching Mentors get a real feel of what is happening on Koh Rong, and help our Teachers to create amazing lessons. Past experience in the education or NGO sectors required. 



Those bills don't pay themselves! Friends of Koh Rong is at present completely reliant on the kindness and hard work of people around the world to enable our work to continue.

Click through below to access our Fundraising Guide, and get in contact if you have any questions. We have a bunch of experience helping individuals and small teams around the world to run successful and fun events. 



You know what the FOKR team are good at? Education. You know what we suck at? Trying to make things look good on a computer. Give us a hand!

We really love when generous folk donate their skills to help make what we do translate well to the wider world. It's an incredibly useful talent and one that we will put to good use!