Volunteer on Koh Rong

Over the years, Friends of Koh Rong has hosted an amazing crew of volunteers from all corners of the earth. Each and every individual has had an impact on both the organisation and our beneficiaries, and we are forever grateful for their work. Many have gone on to become lifelong supporters after their time on the island, and help remotely with fundraising and raising awareness.

We understand that Koh Rong is an appealing place to volunteer, and receive many applications from potential volunteers. The harmful effects of ‘voluntourism’ are well documented, and Friends of Koh Rong is committed to ensuring that we are not part of the problem. If you're considering short term volunteering in Cambodia, FoKR encourages you to educate yourself about the potential harms. This article from The Guardian and this program run by Friends International are good places to start. 

We accept only skilled volunteers with professional or practical experience who can commit to a minimum period of time. Successful volunteers at FoKR are enthusiastic individuals with skills, innovation and expertise who are willing to work directly with our staff to share, collaborate and empower local people. If you think you may have skills beneficial to the work Friends of Koh Rong does, please read on and get in contact.



Importantly, Friends of Koh Rong does not accept short term volunteers. We ask all volunteers to commit to a minimum of two months. We understand that this isn't practical for everyone, but it is in the best interest of the children we work with. If you are travelling through Koh Tui, and would like to support our work, please visit the FOKR House, have a chat to our staff, and buy a t-shirt. 

Please click through to read the our Volunteer Requirements Policy. You are welcome to contact us to enquire about potential volunteer opportunities that may be available in the future before you begin your application. However, applications to volunteer with Friends of Koh Rong will not be considered unless all the requirements are met. 


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We believe that our local staff are the best people to be running Friends of Koh Rong, but sometimes they can do with an extra pair of hands. Our most successful volunteers come with a wealth of knowledge and/or experience, and in their time on the island help our staff to develop their skills. Volunteers assist in building capacity for ongoing development within the organisation, by transferring their skills to our local staff, to create real, long-lasting change. 

Skills that are of use to FOKR include:

  • Education Program Development
  • Experienced English/ESL Classroom Teachers
  • Specialist Needs Education
  • Organisational and Project Management
  • Administration and Accounting Support
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The feel good factor. An amazing experience. Becoming part of a global network of FoKR Family.

Friends of Koh Rong doesn't pay volunteers, nor does it make vast profits from volunteers. We offer to organise food and accomodation through the organisation if that suits people, however it's not mandatory. Experience has shown that this works out cheaper and easier than sorting it yourself, but it's totally up to you. 

All volunteers are expected to cover their own costs for the duration of their time with Friends of Koh Rong. If you want to know more about how this looks on paper, shoot us an email and we'll send through our Volunteer Guidebook. If you want to hear what some of our past volunteers have to say about their time with Friends of Koh Rong, scroll down.


It’s difficult to sum up an experience like volunteering with Friends of Koh Rong in only a few words. Although at times challenging, my stay on the island was overwhelmingly positive and the fellow volunteers I worked with were incredible. Living in the local village and watching our progress over the seven months of my stay was a very rewarding experience and one I would strongly encourage others to pursue. Living conditions are basic but comfortable enough, I felt, and you very quickly feel at home. And of course your home is a tropical island so you have acres of pristine jungle to explore and white sand beaches to relax on when your work for the day is done!
— Rosie Allen, Australia, Organisational Specialist

My first couple of weeks on the island have been an eye opener — it definitely is a different world than home. And needless to say the bucket showers, lack of electricity and abundance of rice take some getting used to. However, there is something captivating about this island, the village and this organization draw people in whatever your motives are. FOKR’s small size and grassroots efforts allow eager volunteers to really get involved.

Want to live in paradise? What the island lacks in “home comforts,” it makes up in character and adventure. On our downtime, we play with local kids, take a jungle trek to deserted Long Beach, camp, snorkel, or relax in the hammock. And I promise swimming with plankton NEVER gets old! Want to be part of a family? Whether I’m hanging with the FOKRs, enjoying banter with villagers in my broken Khmer, or mingling with island expats and tourists, the people on this island are great!
— Tiara Johnson, America, Logistics
Koh Rong is amazing, and working with Friends Of Koh Rong will be a memory that will last me a lifetime. During my time with the FOKRs I got to help to build the school. The great thing about volunteering on Koh Rong is that when you work up a sweat, it’s an easy peasy walk to the pristine beach to cool down and chill out at. I also helped to write a curriculum overview and create plans to go along with resources available. This was a fantastic learning opportunity for me and a wicked way to leave my mark for future teachers to use and adjust with the students they are working with.
— Anna Dawson, New Zealand, Education
Cara and Anna with friends in Koh Tui village.

Cara and Anna with friends in Koh Tui village.

Throughout the past 3 months I have been able to experience the ups and downs of life in a small grassroots organisation and it’s been a huge privilege. My faith in humanity has been restored through observing the selfless lives the people at FOKR lead. While volunteering you are often left to your own devices which left me feeling a little bit lost at times, but I could always pester someone on what jobs needed to be done. This island has amazed me in so many ways and it will take you out of your comfort zone, and push your limits but it is entirely worth it.
— Cara Semmel, Australia, Education